About Us

Joseph Jackson…as described in our opening post is a black Baptist preacher at Friendship Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI. Joseph brings his deep connection to the Divine and his gifts of preaching, prayer, and social justice leadership to his blogging partnership with Heather.

Heather Lee Schmidt… as described in our opening post is a “quiet white hippie girl.” Heather brings a loving presence and her gifts of writing, spiritual guidance, and open heartedness to her blogging partnership with Joe. Both her personal website and her business website (A Moment of Retreat LLC) provide additional insight into how Heather works in the world.

Together…Joe and Heather are ministers-male and female, black and white, ordained and laity, in one of the most segregated cities in the US—with a longing to ground justice work in a contemplative center. They have been formed together as Benedictine oblates—brother and sister in the ecumenical community that is the Holy Wisdom Monastery. They love Scripture. They love the profound beauty, mystery, and revelation of God in all of creation.  They love to hide in sacred spaces to explore in the written, spoken, and sung word, and invite you into their hiding place for some coffee with sugar and cream.